Ard Blok

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I try to simplify life by creating delightful digital interfaces. In other words, I bring ideas to life by designing and building websites.



Deli XL

UI design, responsive design, Wordpress

How can we increase involvement from our suppliers to create successful marketing campaigns? Deli XL, a big wholesaler in the foodservice industry, has been trying to answer this question for a while now...

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Etan International

UI design, Front end development

Fun you can trust, their slogan says it all. Etan International does everything to make children happy. This manufacturer and supplier of high quality trampolines and other outdoor toys needed a new website...

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All Naturals

UI design, Wordpress

Nature did all things well. This was one of the reasons why All Naturals wanted to start a new webshop. They believe that 100% natural products are better for you and your body.

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Internship at AppleCare

In 2008 I joined Apple as an intern at the AppleCare department for 6 months. One of the goals for this internship was to increase awareness about customer satisfaction, inside Apple itself.

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Hello, my name is Ard Blok, and I’m a designer. I specialise in web and interaction design and have a strong passion for making things simple and understandable.

I'm currently employed at in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Besides just designing I also like to build what I design. I think knowing how to code makes me a better designer because it makes it easier to understand technical limitations and tradeoffs. Building something that wasn’t there before is a very rewarding thing.

Feel free to talk to me on twitter or e-mail. If you want to know more about my experience that isn’t on this site already, please see my LinkedIn.

Ard Blok