In 2008 I joined Apple as an intern at the AppleCare department for 6 months. While this may not be a typical design internship I’ll try to explain why this still belongs in my portfolio.

One of the goals for this internship was to increase awareness about customer satisfaction, inside Apple itself. I did this by sending weekly reports/dashboards to managers throughout Northern & Southern Europe. One thing I noticed was that the amount of data was getting in the way of the points we wanted to get across. There wasn’t much interaction and results didn’t improve.

Improve by design

The main problem I encountered was that there was a lot of data available, but almost no one read or used it. I then immersed myself in finding betters ways to present data and chose to no longer use spreadsheets. I designed a keynote template in which I could display the main findings and conclusions in a visual way. In an accompanying email I sent the most important KPI’s. After receiving feedback from several managers I made some more changes to the design.

It was very interesting to see how design can have such an impact on a business and it was very exciting to be able to work at Apple. As I said, this wasn’t a typical design internship, but it did show me the value of design. This internship really was the start of my passion for design.