How can we increase involvement from our suppliers to create successful marketing campaigns? Deli XL, a big wholesaler in the foodservice industry, has been trying to answer this question for a while now. We worked together to create a website that enabled suppliers to signup for campaigns and that clarified why Deli XL is the ideal business partner.

The process

The first point of action was to determine what content was available from the old website and how users would flow through the website. By working closely with Deli XL I could identify two features that were most important to the users; 1) acquiring information about ways to positively influence conversion rates on the e-commerce platform of Deli XL and 2) signing up for campaigns.

From there, I explored different ways to lay out the website. I used sketches and clickable wireframes to test ideas and user flows.

Wireframes for Deli XL Sketches for Deli XL

Designing and iterating

The design process took me through many iterations. In the process of making the design as simple as possible, I firstly ended up creating a design that was somewhat boring. After going back to the drawing board, I proposed a whole new design with vibrant colours and pleasant fonts that was focused on the content. The site is fully responsive on small as well as on large displays.

Below are some of the final screens.

Integration with current workflows

Crucial for this project was easily managable content. Because the content team had previous experience on working with WordPress we decided to use this platform as a basis. So, I built a custom theme for WordPress.

Integrations with other services is what makes the WordPress platform so powerful. By connecting the signup form on the website with Zapier, we were able to collect all signups for campaigns in a Google Spreadsheet. This integrated beautifully with the current workflow of the content team and allowed the team to use the same software they were already used to.

Final notes

I’d like to thank everyone at Deli XL who was involved with this project for this great opportunity. It’s been a real pleasure working with you again. The website is now live here, although most of the website will require a log in.