Fun you can trust, their slogan says it all. Etan International does everything to make children happy. This manufacturer and supplier of high quality trampolines and other outdoor toys needed a new website that would represent this identity.

Information architecture

The old website had some problems communicating the right message. Fun and reliability are two important aspects of the company, but that didn’t come across enough. In an effort to improve the identity we started at the beginning; by brainstorming with everyone involved in this project so we had a clear picture what clients would expect from the new website.

The biggest challenge was to re-think the way products were categorised. We needed to find a way that showed the differences but would still make sense to the customer. With cutting some categories and combining others we were able to keep the assortment clear.

Wireframes for Etan International Wireframes for Etan International

Styling for fun and reliability

The current interface had a lot of small text and was very light green; it didn't convey the right message anymore. The new interface would need to show reliability, but also fun. I decided to use bright, soft colours. Combined with the fonts Proxima Nova and Proxima Nova Soft this communicated reliability and fun at the same time.

Below are some of the final screens from the website.

Final notes

For the backend for this project I worked together with Luuk from Elicit. The website is live here.