Booking.com – Flights

Improving search

I'm currently working as a Senior Designer for Booking's Flights Funnel team. My team and I create and maintain the search and booking pages of our Flights product for web, android and iOS. One of the most recent projects I worked on was improving the way people search for available flights.

Launching flights

In the beginning of 2019 I joined a small group of people in Amsterdam to launch the first version of a new direction for the company. Booking.com is known worldwide for it's accommodation offering, but now it was time to explore new territory and position ourselves as a useful companion for a customer's entire trip. Our small team worked on launching Flights for web in a mere couple of months.

Booking.com – Machine learning center Tel Aviv

Growing a design team in a new machine learning office

In late 2017, I was part of a small team that relocated to Tel Aviv Israel to set up a machine learning office. In the 1.5 years I spend there I was devoted to setting up and growing the design team there and establishing a user-driven approach to product development.

Image recognition

In the last half year I was in Tel Aviv I was part of a team that used image recognition to improve the way customers browse accommodation photos to get a good impression of what an accommodation is like.

Booking.com – Accessibility onboarding team

Starting a new team

At the beginning of 2017 I started the accessibility onboarding team. My role was twofold: I mentored and onboarded new designers and front-end developers to the company and I worked on an approach to make products more accessible in a company of 4000 designers and engineers.

Onboarding lead

I was also an onboarding lead of this team. This means I set up a onboarding curriculum for dozens of designers and mentored several of them.